Differences between cloud server and hosting

Differences between cloud  server and hosting

Differences between cloud, server and hosting

            In recent years, online storage services (what is better known as clouds) have reached a great recognition in the various areas of entrepreneurship and business. As technological advances has increased to provide powerful tools for storage, backup and security services; there has increased with it the number of pymes and freelancers looking to expand their reach into social networks and web platforms to keep safe all the information housed in these virtual spaces.

            Therefore, at present the needs of users supporting their contents are complemented by technological advances that develop storage clouds to meet the demands of growing entrepreneurs. And this has developed a great positioning in the market, where several companies offer parallel Cloud services to the hard increasing entrepreneurs and freelancers today, which thanks to these services, acquire greater facilities and turn possibilities for creating and managing content in Internet.

            Thus, the tools provided by the Cloud for web and informative development are, without doubt, a help for small businesses and an excellent advantage for small and medium enterprises seeking to acquire economic and profitable long-term services with accessible payment methods which go beyond the tangible costs that can present a rental software and hardware to store content, considering a Cloud service ensures various facilities in hiring and specific services tied to the wants of your potential customers and businesses.

            But the function of a cloud is complemented powerfully with servers that provide web hosting, though they constitute different services. For example: even though a cloud storage is responsible for providing greater flexibility and scalability to web pages, hosting service it provides Internet users a system to store information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web.

            If we look with determination, a cloud storage not differ much from the functions of a web hosting; both brings many tools to create a website with all multimedia things, but the great difference is that the serves of a company of web hosting has computers which keep the information of their clients. These services have a very weak physical protection, and that are themselves physical servers, which means they can be damaged and lose all the information stored on them if there is an accident.

Instead, the cloud-based systems make use of virtual servers interconnected, allowing in case of fall of one of these machines can be raised immediately another without the service being affected. This set of virtual machines work as one, providing greater opportunities to the user.

            Another important technical difference is the availability of resources. The web hosting to which we are accustomed, they always have a limit in speed and storage capacity, while Cloud services, being several machines working as one, these resources are unlimited within the cloud and can expand resources immediately without stopping the service, which can’t be done in traditional lodgings where the only solution is to move to a higher plan, thing that entails a service stop while making the change.

            Although the web hosting has had a profound success over the years, web storage (cloud) promotes new alternatives safer to house important information and digital material. In short, the Cloud offers a more advanced hosting that we were used to so far, providing a better service for any project service. A web server, as the name suggests, is a computer or computer machine that is the “service” of other machines, computers or user of Internet and that supply these, all kinds of information.

            For example: a web server its stores mainly HTML documents (documents are as a specially formatted files for viewing web pages in browsers customer), images, videos, text, presentations, and in general all type of contents. It’s also responsible to send this information to customers or users. The great differences between a web hosting and a server is that the server connect specifically to a machine with another machine and a physical space, meanwhile a hosting use the Internet as an interconnected platform, but it’s still storage everything in a only physical space.

            A server connects with another machines and a host connect one machine with many machines thought the Internet. The main difference between both services with the cloud is that the cloud has not a physical space, but it operates through networks.