The best hosting of internet

The best hosting of internet

If you want to found a page on the World Wide Web, you will need a hosting service, were your page will be shown and can be easy to found in the browsers. The hosting are a pay service, but this ensure the technical support and the top service.

            The hosting is rated by the clients; this is evaluated by the cost-efficiency of the hosting. The clients also approve or disprove by their experience on this hosting services.

The hosting is a big business, and his low cost makes it accessible for everyone; they are responsible for making the webs possible to browse. Using alliance or contracts with Google, Bing and yahoo, they use two strategies: one is focused for a limited amount of clients where their services are expensive, but giving, all the freedom and support for the client’s activity in his domain.

            The second technique is massifying the use of their host, using low payment and good services, limiting some aspect, like domains quantity or tools. This ensures more clients and if their clients want more tools or requirements they can upgrade their services package.

Bluehost, the hosting champion

            Bluehost is a hosting service for excellence, which offers three types of packages in where the client can chose the option that suits their needs and more specific requirements.

            The first option is a cheap package. For less than four dollars Bluehost offer one website with 50 Gigabytes of space. That’s enough for starters and it also includes 100 megabytes of storages per account and 5 email account.

            The second one is called Shared hosting plus. It’s a package with a price less than seven dollars per month; include unlimited websites and web storage capacity, offers unlimited email accounts and email storage. It also offers a spam expert, to make the web more popular.

            The third one is the Shared Hosting business pro. This one is for big business and companies whose deal with high traffic; the package is on for less than 15 dollars and has everything than the Shared hosting plus offer, adding High performance and better technical support. Have two span experts, dedicated ip, site back up pro, and domain privacy.

            Bluehost also offers VPS; a VPS is a cloud computing service, where the client can access to a cloud computer, only using an internet device to connect. This means that no longer needs a fiscal personal computer. This is perfect for big enterprises, to cut cost on maintaining and buying numerous quantities of personal computers, only needing a computer screen, mouse, keyboard and a server connector device that also connects the hardware; this method is cheaper in short and long term.

            Bluehost also offer dedicated hosting packages, with no less than 4 x 2.5MHz, and one terabyte of storage, having also three packages. A dedicated host is a type of internet hosting, where the client has access to a portion of the servers, managing this portion and deciding the operating system, the programs and everything else by a personalized platform with specified resources.

            There are also free hosting who offers a limited domain or service, giving to their clients a good technical support; in almost all the case those are 24/7. Those hosting services support themselves forcing to clients to have publicity on their doming, this is what maintain the free service, some give the freedom to the clients to choose where this publicity banners had to be. The drawback of this is that the publicity can be about anything, and some of the advertisements aren’t appropriate for anyone.

            The services that offer Bluehost are the most cost-support efficient; the technical support, the periodical enhancement and promotions, make it perfect to start a domain in the internet. With full integration of the services, the client can have multiple packages and make more tasks with the same host service which means a more cheap price for an extensive package, and with the professional support provided 24/7 the user don’t have to learn to deal with every step of the process of making a webpage, VVS or cloud computing.