What Bill Hub is

What Bill Hub is


I have seen that many people have asked what bill hub is, today I’m going to write an article explaining what bill hub exactly is, since it is something I have used in the past.


To tell you the truth, the first time I saw the charge on my bank account, I was very surprised, I thought that my card had been stolen or that they had charged me without my authorization, but after investigating a bit, it wasn’t like that. If I had seen “online movies subscription”, maybe I wouldn’t had got such a fright.

I googled billhub (or bill-hub is the same) and their official website showed up in the the first result. It looked like serious company, so I decided to contact them to ask them what the hell that charge was. Their customer service is good, I called the first time and they didn’t answer, but a few hours later, I called again and no problem, they solve your problems quickly and they are nice.


They told me that I had bought a cinema subscription two weeks earlier. They were right! Just two weeks before, my girlfriend and I spent the whole weekend watching movies in an online shop similar to Netflix (I remember that I signed up through a promotion offering a free trial period of 5 or 7 days.  I gave my credit card details to be able to see all the movies they offered because the ones I was looking for were not on the Netflix catalog).


To my surprise, they told me right off that, if I wasn’t satisfied with the service, they could give me my money back since it hadn’t been a month. The following day, the money was already transferred to my bank account.


This weekend, my girlfriend and I have planned to finish watching a terror movies marathon which we started watching a couple of weeks ago. So now I will not have an excuse and I will have to pay for my subscription – (I will renew my plan with a super offer for $1.99 that they gave me). Other than that, everything is going very well.


Beware of what you buy out there, just in case don’t remember, like it happened to me 😉


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