What is cloud computing?

What is cloud computing?

The cloud computing, by its proper definition, is a paradigm that can offer computing services through a computer network. Basically, it’s all the informatics labor that is made on the Internet. All this aspects are going to be done through a computer, but it’s not the computer which makes the cloud computing process. The computer is only the way to access into the Internet that is interconnected to the cloud; and is the cloud services whose does the final task.

            This service also needs a network connected to a server, where all the data and computing process are made and stored. At first, it was an idea to counteract the systems and machines failure that happened in the personal computers; it was just a way to back up the files and documents that a user had in his machine.

            The cloud was controversial. A security breach means tons of data leak and the security and the guaranty of the information could be a major problem that the solution offered for that time. But the cloud have grown stronger and every day, ascend updating their security system.

Cloud computing

            The cloud computing was first time a task for professionals, or people who have high level of knowledge in the area as big companies. But now this has been simplified; the use of the cloud computing can be found in the most common applications of our phones or also in any web page hosted.

            Uploading an image to a social media like Facebook and share it can sound easy, and also it’s, but that’s thanks to the computing in the cloud, because is not your machine who preserve the picture anymore, and you can edit it without using the same machine, that can be the computer, or a mobile device.

            The use of email was also substituted by the cloud computing. In the past it need a program that will later connect to the network to send the message; now is a use of a platform like Google, outlook or yahoo.

            But is the cloud computing that replace the need of a conventional computer or mobile device who will decide the future of the computers. A device that only needs to show a display, and have an interaction whit the user is what the expert say is the future.

            This technology is already used in some universities and schools, as well at workplaces and in almost every organization to cut costs. This invention can save a lot of money for buying big quantities of personal computers or HDD. The school don’t need that amount of computer power, and a cloud computing can work more than enough.

            The companies also use the cloud computing method to resume costs and these are less expensive to maintain in case of a failure, all these problems never happens and the only worry is the periodical payment to the cloud computing company.

Why to start using the cloud computing?

            It’s known perfectly that the computers fail and is more known the loss of high valuable data. And the clod platform can be the ultimate fix for this common problem. There is a program called Dropbox, a clear example of a Cloud who offer a folder connected to internet to save the files, putting it in the cloud and shared with anyone.

            Dropbox use a user interface and it’s free to use. The user can upgrade their storage capacity paying it. But what Dropbox made is by far more interesting, it’s the interconnection between computes, without using a web browser o web application to share information whit friends or family. The user can allow other users to search and download files of specific subfolders of his dropbox folder.

            The Dropbox folder appears with the commons folders in the user’s desk, it’s not like to open a program, it become part of the operative system but I’s not invasive, it just take his place as a folder in the documents folder. There are similar programs among the Internet, but they don’t reach the quality of dropbox.

            The cloud computing is more than a technology project, it’s a fact which conform part of any of our process through the electronic devices.